Advancing community-centered climate resilience to meet the intertwined crises of climate change and racial injustice.

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The Community Climate Resilience Lab responds to the need for evidence informed climate resilience action, policymaking, and research, rooted in and driven by a commitment to racial justice and a desire to reshape our world in more just ways.

What we do

Action & Strategy

We catalyze and create community-centered climate resilience action, solutions, and strategies that challenge the power imbalances in climate change focused decision-making.

Policy Engagement

We develop and analyze climate resilience policy aimed at addressing the inequitable impacts of climate change.

Research & Ideas

We generate climate resilience research and scholarship that can inform climate resilience policy, shape strategy, and enrich community action.

Tell stories

We weave empirical evidence and lived experience into stories that influence and inform.

“There is no climate justice without racial justice”